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J.J. Says:

As the acting frontwoman for Intensity Boat, (when we're offstage, at least. Onstage, we're all in the hands of Olivia Breckinridge - she just doesn't want to open up to the fans, so respect her boundaries and she'll sing you as many sweet songs as you can take. And you'd better be able to take a lot.) I'm here to announce the release of our first album, Here, Have Some Poncho. It's been a really intense creative journey for all of us. As the only queer-positive all-female twee-core band in New England, we've felt a lot of pressure to really get our message out, but we've had a lot of support from our loving and non-traditional chosen families. We wrote these songs on the back of playbills and the insides of book covers (and at least one of them started out as a graphic novel) as we went through our busy workdays, desperate to get to rehearsal where we could show our shining musical selves to each other, and, eventually, to you.

This tour's gonna be great - we've got a lot of small, poorly lit venues lined up, and it will mean a lot of time in the van eating Pirate Booty and drinking strawberry-flavored water, but it will be worth it to share these songs with you.

Just remember, you'll never find yourself alone in the intensity boat as long as we're around.


Olivia Breckinridge (olivia_circe) - Lead Vocals, Oboe, Kazoo, Tambourine
JJ Taylor (jjtaylor) - the Hot Bassist, Flute
Eve Schulte (reflectedeve) - Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals
Ink Junket (inkjunket) - Harmonica, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Fuschia Midwinter (fuschia) - Drums
Guin Pensky (guinsky) - Manager in No Way Resembling Brian Schechter