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Intensity Boat Is The Name Of Awesome's Journal
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Intensity Boat Is The Name Of Awesome's LiveJournal:

Thursday, November 5th, 2009
8:18 am
Guin & Eve in the Big City (AKA home)
Yup, noise about a new record is not completely a lie (assuming everyone remembers that a record's what they're working on and they don't run off on an accidental tour). No more lyrics for you grasping, needy fan-people yet (they write as hard as they can!) (sometimes), but here are some pics from when Eve and I were recently hanging out in Cambridge to talk about hipsters, art, and backing acoustics.

No pics of us, because it was windy, and we've got dignity.

4 hintsCollapse )
Monday, September 7th, 2009
2:50 am
New Single: Sunshine Song
HEY THERE BOATERS. Welcome to Autumn and all that--after a whole record of accidental death, fake dancing, and stormy weather, Intensity Boat is bringing you something a little brighter. No of course you don't get the whole thing today, but here's lyrics to the band's new single, "sunshine song." Everyone's currently working hard on the new record, and we'll have mp3s up as soon as yours truly manager guin gets back from some researching in the UK. In the meantime, some words to a song.


Guin Pensky
Jones Jr. Records

sunshine song.

hey sunshine
go outside
and open
open up your eyes

hey sunshine
don't be afraid
you can melt all
those clouds away

don't get burned up
like a ball of gas
you know those dark days
they will pass
and you're the thing
that people think on
to keep on, keep on, keeping on

so sunshine
today's the day
come pull the blue
outta all this grey

sail high
ride by
and don't you wait
don't you worry baby
it's gonna be great

hey sunshine
peek through the moon
hey sunshine
the night'll end soon

you're the burn, you're the heat
you're the hurt and the sweet
and I swear you'll come around
so sunshine
lift up your head
cause you'll never run aground

hey sunshine
you're the light in my eye
hey sunshine
you fill up my sky
hey sunshine
hey sunshine
hey sunshine

hey sunshine
hey sunshine
hey sunshine

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, March 7th, 2009
9:58 pm
Tabloid Mary Update, Evening Edition
These two members of indie twee-core band Intensity Boat were spotted in Cambridge Saturday night, without the rest of the band. Were they sneaking off for some quality alone time? Tabloid Mary doesn't think so, considering JJ's expression. Taylor, the band's bad child bassist, recently made the news when a story leaked about her offering her pants to a shivering fan during the band's Rain or Shine tour, which was true to its name, as the band played mostly outdoor venues in all weather.

Tabloid Mary wants to know that Eve's done to make JJ look so alarmed. Perhaps Eve, known for her sharp wit, was being unusually mild?

Thursday, February 19th, 2009
9:47 pm
JJ's Post-Concert Things She Wants To Say Before She Falls Fast as Hell Asleep
Thank you all for coming to tonight's fucking amazing concert. You were beautiful at Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Rounds are music's way of reminding you that everything comes full circle.

One of the best things about the venues we play at is that we get to meet you all after the shows. To the girl with the hot hand-sewn corduroy overalls: come make outfits for us sometime, we'll have a costumed show! To our manager: That's why I insist Mrs. Ramsay travels with me, ok? She's not being disappeared by those suits at Customs! To anyone whose ticket I scribbled my number onto: I mean it, call me. And to the kid with the Bathroom Demos given to him by the kid with the paintbrush calluses: your God loves you.

It's a nice gig, being someone's God. Don't get all freaked out if you love us like a band and not like a faith, though, ok? We love you all the same. Because that's what Gods do.

Now tell us what you thought of the new song! I'll read your comments when I wake up. Many, many hours from now. And have coffee.
9:05 pm
guin's fake twitters ('cause she don't do that shit)
5:47 PM: already a line for the show... i am in line for the right coffee.

6:15 PM: those moments when you're not sure all your instruments are in the right country.

6:21 PM: crisis averted.

7:35 PM: semisweet's playing...sound good like chocolate. be jealous if you're home reading this. i told you to come to the show...

8:38 PM: hey, this crowd is hot. halfway through our set. nobody hurt so far?

8:46 PM: mwhahaha i am ninja, you do not even see me texting and drinking a double rum and coke with the guys & gals from the semisweet back in the 21+ section right now. but i see you, oh yes...i mean, *sip*

8:55 PM: bands tell their managers everything my ass. no one said they were playing the new song tonight.

9:05 PM: row row row your boat...

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11:59 am
Hey, all!

Friendly manager here. The first leg of our North Whereagain? Tour is going well, you should come see. Still tickets left for the Boat's show tonight in our hometown, the Greater Boston Area. Playing at the Tail Light, doors @ 6:30. The Semisweet is opening, their name is a lie, they are ALL sweet in every way ever. See you at the show.


Current Mood: blank
Friday, December 12th, 2008
9:55 am
The Band Yet Lives
Hey, all,

So it's been awhile since Intensity Boat has spoken to the people. They haven't even spoken to the people about VOTING, or about the thing that comes after VOTING, which is what all the cool bands are doing these days. That is kind of lame of Intensity Boat, I know, but don't hate them or anything, please. The Boat has been busy for the last few months: they've had a pretty intense tour, and now they're on winter hiatus. Doing what, you wonder, if they're not making pretty music for you?

Well, Olivia and Eve are taking their respective unbogus journey tours through foreign climes, soul-searching or sight-seeing or something like that. Fuchsia and I have been slouching around trying to be inconspicuous at other people's concerts and twittering about it. JJ has been trying her hand at writing a great opus of literature, which we should all look out for. If you know where Inky is or what she is doing, you tell us. This band is slipperier than eels.

I really don't like eels, though.

Anyway, the holidays are coming up. If you celebrate them, be happy about it. If you don't, celebrate something else. You should be doing that anyway. You're alive, aren't you?

Holiday cheers,


Current Mood: really cheery
Friday, September 26th, 2008
9:40 am
Boat Keeps Floating,
Hey, there, Boaters,

Guin here. Someone in the band changed my username when I wasn't looking, so that what's with the name, but I'm going with it, here, and not asking any questions (although I did change my password).

We haven't been online much in the last couple weeks, but we hope y'all have been keeping up with our bandantics in the meantime. We've played 8 shows since the 8th, which we think is pretty great for a new band without a massive following, and we've met some really cool fans.

Some things that have happened on tour:

-Promotional serenades down the streets of Cambridge (they did "We're Not Dancing," mainly).

-Only one case of pants-loss.

-This guy in some newspaper called the band's music "The glorified angst of undersexed lesbians who spend too much time moaning about their problems to solve them." He ran into me at the bar as he was storming out, though, and it was before the Happy Set, so I don't know what he was expecting. Also, it has been pointed out to me, he was Doing It Wrong. I didn't ask what that meant, but it was probably true.

-Had really good donuts at Fresh Only Bakery, but when we went back to get more we couldn't find it.

-Learned five good uses for paper cups (you can guess).

Our boat keeps floating. How about yours?

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Monday, September 8th, 2008
11:18 pm
Tabloid Mary Update, Morning Edition
Tabloid Mary's Celebrity Z-List:
Stalking Celebrities You've Never Heard Of

Our sources tell us that Olivia Breckinridge, lead singer of the bizarrely popular indie twee-core band Intensity Boat (whose first full-length album drops today on band manager Guin Pensky's indie label) was spotted last night at the American Players Theater, an outdoor Shakespeare theater in Spring Green, Wisconsin. We have no idea what Ms. Breckinridge was doing in Wisconsin on the night before her tour begins, nor who her companions may or may not have been, but when it began raining in the second act, Ms. Breckinridge was heard to utter the immortal words, "Here, Have Some Poncho."

Without photographic evidence (cameras, I am told, were not allowed in the theater), we cannot corroborate this story. It does, after all, seem fairly unlikely that Ms. Breckinridge was in Wisconsin, of all places. I'll let you make up your own minds on this one.
Sunday, September 7th, 2008
10:28 am
Insert Cheesy Boat-Launching Pun Here
Hey, all,

I know this isn't the moment you've been waiting for, because it's Sunday morning and definitely not the 8th of September, which is the only date that really matters. (Before you say anything, yes, I've heard rumors about November 4th, but, seriously, you can't deny that tweecore > emo boys > big-ass elections in the grand scheme of really important things.)


Today is the last day before Intensity Boat kicks off its grand tour. You've probably noticed that we haven't been updating you very much on stuff. It has been totally crazy around here, getting everything in order for the tour. Everyone's been checking in with their families (yeah, band members do actually have those), packing like crazy, and trying not to lose voices, sprain fingers, fall out of windows, break feet, etc. It's been nuts, but the band is so excited about this tour, and they are so ready to give all you crazy fan-types one (or five, or six?) kickass show.

I don't know who of you will be at our show tomorrow (we know it's a tiny venue and we're sorry it sold out so fast, you guys), but we hope you'll all--and I mean all--be there to see us at our Boston show on Tuesday. It's a barn, and we want you to fill it.

If you can't come see us this week--and even if you can--get out there to your nearest nearby pretentious record store tomorrow, and pick up as many copies as you can, of Intensity Boat's awesome awesome album "Here, Have Some Poncho!" available tomorrow on So Shiny Records.


Guin & the band

Current Mood: excited
Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
10:31 am
Unreleased Vocal Demos: Rain Kink & Not Dancing
Hey everyone!

We hope you're all getting excited about our upcoming album release and tour! We're already packing the van! Even so, it seems like a long time to wait, and as you are our most devoted fans, we wanted to share a couple of extra special items: the unreleased acapella vocal demos for our first single, "Rain Kink," and one of the other songs on the album, "We Are Not Dancing In The Moonlight" - here, too, is a sneak preview of the lyrics for "Not Dancing," by our very own Guin Pensky.

Rain Kink
We Are Not Dancing In The Moonlight


Mod Note: penguinkye   composed and recorded these - that's her wonderful voice on the demos! We're still looking for someone with real life musical talent and/or mad garage band skills to help us fake-write some drum and guitar parts, plus, can't forget the harmonica. Drop penguinkye   or olivia_circe   an email or LJ comment if you think you might be able to help! 
Wednesday, August 13th, 2008
4:09 pm
Tabloid Mary Update, Mid-Afternoon Edition
Tabloid Mary says:

This picture found me at 3 AM, the perfect time for a slightly vague photo leak of a minor indie-scene celebrity, although at this point, JJ Taylor is more famous for her pantlessness than her bizarrely catchy songs about killing people on the internet.

The thing is, you'd never know it was JJ (well, except who ELSE would be caught going out a window pantless?) if it weren't for the tattoos. Note to future trouble-causing bass players in queer-positive all-female twee-core bands: don't get any permanent identifiers which will later implicate you, as attractive as they may be.

Do we want to know whose window it was this time? Oh, yes, yes we do.
Monday, August 11th, 2008
11:27 pm
Bad News
Hi, all,

I hope your best thoughts are with Intensity Boat--we need them right now, as our fierce harmonica-playing Ink has suffered a minor tragedy involving her finger, and breaking it.

The full story is here. Hoping it'll be better by the time the tour starts, but September is looking awfully close all of the sudden. Fingers crossed, guys! Um. Just. Not too hard.

Current Mood: worried
Thursday, August 7th, 2008
10:11 pm
Lyrics & Lyricists: Esmé & "Aesthetic"
Hi, all,

In general, it seems to us, lyricists don't get nearly enough recognition (like managers, in most bands that are not this one). And guest lyricists get--none. Intensity Boat likes appreciating things, however, so here for you are not only the lyrics to "This Is Not the Aesthetic I Expected," but a bio of guest lyricist and BNF Esmé St. Giles Trumpington (belledezuylen), excerpted from Intensity Boat's biggest fanzine (as far as we know...if you write a bigger one, by all means, prove it), Lightning Static.

Esmé in the (fan) press:

The WriterCollapse )

The SongCollapse )

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Wednesday, August 6th, 2008
11:12 pm
OFF THE RECORD: Guin & Olivia's Chat Log
Wednesday, August 6th, 10:53 pmCollapse )

Mod Note: We're figuring out the rules of this as we go along, but assume that all OFF THE RECORD posts are just that: backstage events, things that don't turn up in the media, even things that not all the band members know about. Such is the complexity of group fiction.
10:26 pm
Our first single - Rain Kink
Here are the lyrics for Rain Kink, since we know you all want to sing along and it helps if you know the words - though that's not always required. I don't always know the words and that never stops me, but that's also at least half the reason I'm not the lead singer. Come meet me after a show if you want to know the other half.

Rain KinkCollapse )

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2:32 am
Song Preview! (Stage Gay)
Hi, there,

Here's a lyrics preview of one of the tracks off of Here, Have Some Poncho. Brought to you without music, here's

Stage GayCollapse )

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1:22 am
Here, Have Some Poncho
Here's a sneak peak at the cover art and track listing for our upcoming album, Here, Have Some Poncho. JJ says:

As the acting frontwoman for Intensity Boat, (when we're offstage, at least. Onstage, we're all in the hands of Olivia Breckinridge - she just doesn't want to open up to the fans, so respect her boundaries and she'll sing you as many sweet songs as you can take. And you'd better be able to take a lot.) I'm here to announce the release of our first album, Here, Have Some Poncho. It's been a really intense creative journey for all of us. As the only queer-positive all-female twee-core band in New England, we've felt a lot of pressure to really get our message out, but we've had a lot of support from our loving and non-traditional chosen families. We wrote these songs on the back of playbills and the insides of book covers (and at least one of them started out as a graphic novel) as we went through our busy workdays, desperate to get to rehearsal where we could show our shining musical selves to each other, and, eventually, to you.

This tour's gonna be great - we've got a lot of small, poorly lit venues lined up, and it will mean a lot of time in the van eating Pirate Booty and drinking strawberry-flavored water, but it will be worth it to share these songs with you.

Just remember, you'll never find yourself alone in the intensity boat as long as we're around.

Album CoversCollapse )
1:14 am
Our Kerrang Interview!
by Genevieve Schmidt
6 August, 2008

Intensity Boat's first single, an edgy folk-rock love ballad featuring flute, keyboard, harmonica, and a drum line that upstages the guitars, is doing surprisingly well in the charts this week. Much like its up-and-coming band, "Rain Kink" defies expectations, shakes up norms, and leaves its audience wanting more.

The band is a perplexing combination of styles and genres, from lead singer Olivia Breckinridge's sweet voice and tousled curls to bassist JJ Taylor's tattoo-covered arms and guitarist Lilith Eve's multicolored hair. Harmonica star and rhythm guitarist Ink Junket looks like she belongs to a different band altogether, and all that can be seen of drummer Fuschia Midwinter behind her kit is an extraordinary shock of red hair. Between them, they play more than a dozen instruments. Their music fuses chick rock, hardcore punk, folk, bluegrass, jazz, r&b, and good, old fashioned rock'n'roll. Their fan following is surprisingly large, their tunes surprisingly catchy, and their mission one of acceptance, diversity, and boundary-pushing. Based in Boston, Intensity Boat claims to be the only queer-positive all-female twee-core band in New England, and they're probably right. Who else would aspire to such a title?

We met with the band in their rehearsal space in Somerville, MA, a half-studio, half-warehouse owned by Ms. Taylor's family. The Interview:Collapse )

Interview compiled from this thread.
Tuesday, August 5th, 2008
11:50 pm
Welcome Aboard the Intensity Boat!
Hi, all,

Welcome to the offical LJ Community of Intensity Boat, New England's one and only (as far as we know) queer-positive all-female twee-core band! You make us happy by visiting! We hope you have a lot of good things to say about the band's first album, "Here, Have Some Poncho," soon to hit stores with ten tracks of awesome goodness and three B-sides which are, let's be honest, also really freaking sweet.

We are all tiny boats on one big bad ocean, but--okay, it's an ocean metaphor, you get it. Hang in there, and the storms will pass. In the meantime, rock out to something excellent.

Guin Pensky

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